Welcome to Decal Barn

The Decal Barn

Decal Barn is a Utah-based handmade and original vinyl decal brand. 
Sandy is the sole owner and designer of Decal Barn. She loves chelsea boots, the 80's, green mountains (not brown), rainbow prisms, New Wave music, sarcasm, and happy memories. She has a background in the boutique industry and graphic design. After creating a successful wholesale western boho graphic tee shirt brand called Wild Lucille Apparel, Sandy decided to niche off into decals and created Decal Barn, using her grandpa's turn-of-the-century red barn in Idaho as inspiration for Decal Barn's logo.
Why? Decals prompt human connection and can spark conversation. Decals show the world a little something about us that we want to share! Where they've been, a hobby, a thought, a song they love...
How fun is it to know a bit about the person in the car in front of you from the window decals? Or make a connection with someone at the gym because of a relatable decal on their water tumbler?
So as we brainstorm more barn puns and marketing ideas for Decal Barn, take a look at our decals and start a conversation!